Donate to NSCD

Skiing down a mountain, saddling up a horse, or rafting along a river are enjoyable experiences for many people. But for an individual with a disability, these activities can signify the road to a fuller life.

Each year, more than 3,000 individuals with disabilities discover the benefits of recreation through the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Whether a five-year-old with Down Syndrome, or a 65-year-old recovering from a brain injury, our programs provide many challenges as well as incredible rewards.

Sports and recreation activities are expensive, and our participants depend on us to provide equipment, instructors, coaches and training. The NSCD receives only 15 percent of its revenue from participant fees, retail sales, and other sources. The remaining 85 percent comes from philanthropic gifts, grants, events, and sponsorships.

Here are examples of what your dollars provide:

  • $45 will help purchase a ski-bra, a device that holds the tips of skis together.
  • $75 will enable us to enhance and expand the training we provide to our volunteers.
  • $100 will help us refurbish old equipment.
  • $210 will purchase an outrigger, the forearm crutch with a ski tip attached.
  • $600 will feed a horse in our therapeutic riding program for a summer.
  • $1,000 will sponsor an athlete for a year.
  • $2,500 will help us purchase a mono-ski, a seat and suspension system that is mounted on a single ski for alpine skiing.
  • $5,000 will help us underwrite the costs our weekly ski program for children with disabilities.